Snowflake Crisp (雪花酥)

Ingredients (makes two bottles-around 800g)

1. 65g butter
2. 230g marshmallow
3. 80g milk powder and 10g green tea powder
4. 100g nuts (almond, pumpkin seed, pistachio or mixture)
5. 200g Ritz biscuit
6. 60g dried cranberries
7. 50-60g dried mangoes
1. In a non-stick pan, melt butter.
2. Next, add in marshmallow and stir until it melted.
3. Then add in milk powder and green tea powder, mix well.
4. Remove from heat and quickly add in biscuit, nuts and dried fruits.
5. Mix well using non-stick gloves, and mould them using square mould lined with baking paper
6. Sprinkle some milk powder on the top and let it cool down.
7. Once cool down, cut them into square and store in airtight container.

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