Week 1 of e-learning

My sister and I have been looking forward to e-learning. We love going to school and I am sure e-learning is going to be fun too!

Unfortunately, my brain and body does not agree with one another. While my brain is looking forward to studying, my body is too tired to wake up.

School starts at 7.40 and this is me at 8.08am!

After much effort, mummy finally woke me up and Jaclyn hold my hands while I walk downstairs with my eyes half closed.

For the first day, mummy make us fresh juices to start the day. Unfortunately, mummy’s effort only last for a day cause for the rest of the week, she could not wake up too! Haha!

This is my learning station
And this is Jaclyn’s learning station.

On top of doing task online or in our book, I also….

Do some gardening.

I planted an orange seed. It was fun spending some time in the garden. But a week has passed and it still did not grow. I might have been too ambitious. Should have just planted green bean like my friend did!

There is also a celery experiment which I like a lot. Did you know that plant uses their branch to bring water up to their leaf. Check out my celery experiment!

Check out my blue celery leaf!

If you are interested, have a look at this video and make your own blue celery!

Even though we are staying home, I need to stay fit too!

Check out my PE classes movement!

One day, we make our own dumplings for dinner. Home learning work from mummy! Jaclyn and me really enjoy making them into various shaped which drove mummy crazy! haha, so funny!

I have to say there is much more work studying at home and I am definitely less motivated. Half of the time, I could not wake up on time or should I say mummy didn’t wake me up on time.

My friends are not with me and learning is not that fun.

So, Ayaan and me starting zoom video call-ing one another to make our learning more fun and it did!

I do hope that the COVID-19 issue pass by quickly so that I CAN GET BACK TO SCHOOL and I know MUMMY is thinking the SAME THING TOO! She already can’t stand seeing us 24/7 for 3 consecutive weeks already!

Here’s to a pre-weekend fun kinetic sand session….

But oops…

This weekend is a stay home weekend again. Why am I not surprised..!!!

It’s cleaning up the street weekend so we are all advised to stay home. Luckily I LOVE STAYING HOME!

My favourite activity this weekend is OUR SCIENCE EXPERIMENT!

We mix Sodium Alginate Solution with Calcium Chloride solution and guess what!!!

We make worm-y! and many different shapes! It is so cool!!!

But mummy was not too pleased. The worm went everywhere and she had a hard time cleaning up!

So, I had to let mummy take some picture of me playing with 3D animal to post it on her Instagram!

Time to recharge before next week of e-learning!

Till then.

xoxo                                                                                                                    Justin