My Perfect Tiramisu

A great replica of Ciao Italia’s amazing tiramisu! #my favourite perth restaurant


INGREDIENTS (makes 15 servings):
1. 40 tiramisu lady finger biscuit
2. 6 large egg yolk
3. 1/4 cup of sugar
4. 500g mascarpone cheese
5. 2 cups of cold heavy whipping cream
6. 1.5 cups of espresso cool down to room temperature (replace with fresh milk for kids version)
OPTIONAL: You can add some Bailey into the coffee mixture if you would like to.
7. Some unsweetened cocoa powder
1. First prepare the cream layer.
2. Place the egg yolk and sugar in a bowl and melt the sugar using the steam from a pot (see photo below) by stirring continuously for 10 minutes. With this, the eggs are slightly cooked so it is not raw.
TIPS: Do not let the bowl touch the boiling water or the egg yolk will be cooked.
3. Remove the egg yolk/sugar from the steam after 10minutes and set aside.
4. At this time, prepare the coffee and let it cool down.
5. By now, the egg yolk should be cool down already. Add in the mascarpone cheese and mix well until they are creamy.
6. Then place the whipping cream in a bowl and whipped till firm peak.
7. Add the whipped cream into the mascarpone cheese mixture. Mix well.
8. To assemble, place the lady’s finger into the coffee and then arrange them nicely at the bottom. Add a layer of mascarpone cheese mixture, drizzle some chocolate power on top, then add another layer of lady’s finger and top with more cream mixture. Lastly drizzle a layer of chocolate powder and keep in fridge overnight.
9. This recipe does not use raw eggs so it is good to keep for 5 days.
10. Serve cold.

Photos (for illustration only):

Place egg yolk and white sugar in a bowl
Place the bowl on top of boiling water but not touching them. Use the steam from the boiling water to warm the egg.
The egg yolk mixture is ready.
I am using mascarpone cream cheese from Carrefour. They are good!
Mix the egg yolk with mascarpone cheese until creamy.
This is the final look of the cream layer, after mixing in the whipped cream.
Assembled and ready to pop into fridge.