Jabal Jais hike end of April- really hot!

Although weather forecast state the weather is only 13-21 degree C at Jabal Jais, we really shouldn’t believe it. Reality and forecast are actually two different thing. We arrived around 2pm and it was 25 degree but feels like 30 degree C.

What make things worse is that I am wearing a super tight jeans thinking I could pair it nicely with my newly bought leather jacket from Global Village and it did not help. I seldom gave up halfway when hiking but it was really too tight and too difficult to hike so I had to descend when we are just halfway to the first checkpoint.

Cong and the kids were very good and manage to hike to the flag! Good job!

After the descend, we enjoyed sitting under the canopy while the kids played at the playground. It was relatively empty that day so it was nice and not too overcrowded. By 5pm, the breeze was really nice with a tinge of chilly in the air. The sunset that evening was pretty although there was a thick mist in the air, but that makes it nicer.

It was an unplanned trip but each one bring something to complement one another. We had a nice and simple BBQ sausage and burger for dinner, and kids play around the little area we cordoned off with our cars.

It was tiring but an unexpected nice trip to catch the last of winter. Unless Oman border open, otherwise it will be difficult to feel that nice cool breeze until end of this year!