Homemade pork lard oil

INGREDIENTS (Make 500ml lard oil):
1. 500g pork fat
1. Cut the pork fat into small cubes (as shown in photo below).
2. Place the pork fat into a pan and pan fried them on low/medium heat.
3. The pork oil will slowly come out and when the pork fat turns brown and crispy as shown, remove the crispy lard and let the oil cool down a bit before placing them into a glass container.
4. When the oil cools down, place them in fridge. It will solidify but do not worry. Heat them up in the pan and it will turn back into pork lard oil.
TIPS: The crispy pork lard goes well in stir fry kuay tiao, Hokkien noodle or makes good topping for pork lard rice.

PHOTOS (for illustration only):

Only one ingredient required: pork fat
Cut the pork fat into little cubes
Pan fried the pork fat and the oil will come out slowly.
Once the lard turn crispy, remove them from the oil and let the oil cool down.