BBQ Pork Jerky (肉干)

INGREDIENTS (makes 3 pieces of 15x20cm):
1. 600g pork (mix of lean and fats)
2. 3 tbsp soy sauce
3. 1 tbsp dark soy sauce
4. 1 tbsp oyster sauce
5. 3 tbsp honey
4. 80g sugar
5. 1 tsp ground white pepper
Consider adding some five spice powder
1. Marinate the pork with all the ingredients overnight.
2. On a baking pan, spread the pork thinly (around 2mm thickness) and bake at 160 degree C for 15 minutes.
3. Pour away the excess liquid from the pork and place the pork slices on a grill.
4. Spread a layer of honey on the pork slices and grill at 170 degree C for 5 minutes or a bit more each side until it is nicely charred.
5. Remove from grill and let it cool down before keeping in airtight container.

PHOTOS (for illustration only):

Spread the pork thinly on a baking pan
Pour away the excess liquid that is generated after first round of baking
Grill them until it is nicely charred
Ideal thickness 2-3mm