My Jokes Corner

#throwback to end of school term in June 2020

Towards the end of school term, Ms Stacey has been keeping us occupied with these riddles jokes. It is indeed a wise move as most of us are very much bored staying home and doing home/e-learning for more than 3 months now.

I could never imagine me doing home schooling and this was never gonna happen if it is not due to the highly contagious COVID-19 that has been around for more than 6 months now. I love being at school, fooling around with my friends and running about. I probably gain at least 3-4 kg now that I have not been going for football and swimming classes for many months. We could still do exercise on our own but summer in Dubai is not very welcoming for outdoor activities.

So far, my parents had brought me out for some beach activities where I had an encounter with jellyfish. It loved my feet so much that it practically tangled and kiss my feet, leaving some red spots as a souvenir. After that, we dare not submerged ourselves in the sea water, so we were satisfied by just playing with sands by the beach. However, we could not do it often due to the high humidity that sometimes reaches 70-80%, making it unbearable to stay outdoor for more than a couple of minutes.

So, back to my riddles jokes. I love the riddle jokes and since we had to share these daily with my classmates during my online classes, I decided to take a peek at the internet to grab a couple of good jokes. Before I share it with my class, let’s see if my sister and mummy would love them 🙂

Check out my video below for these wonderful riddle jokes!