Adventure in Egypt –Day 9–

It is our last full day in Egypt and we have ticked all the boxes so we decided to checked in to Marriott Mena House which is located just next to The Giza Pyramid.

Very nice breakfast!

That morning we decided to finally have the very yummy burger and fried chicken cutlet bun for breakfast. It is within walking distance from our hotel. It is so huge and cost EGP 35 and EGP 37 respectively. Of course we did not forget to buy our favourite EGP 10 freshly squeezed orange juice.

After breakfast, we head back to hotel and checked out. Took the Uber to Marriott. We paid USD 202 for one night stay and breakfast for 2 adults and 2 kids. It was pricey in Egypt standard but we wanted it for an experience. To be honest, this hotel location is only good if you are visiting the pyramids, it is far from the city centre and with the traffic in Egypt, it is not advisable to stay here if you plan to do a lot of visiting downtown as you will be spending a lot of time on road in the traffic. We only choose to stay one night here and spend the whole day enjoying the facilities this hotel has to offer.

Swimming pool at Marriott

After checking in, we got to our room which face the swimming pool. We then spend the whole afternoon by the pool, dipping in water and having our lunch by the pool. The price of food is more expensive than other hotel and restaurants but still reasonable compared to Dubai standard. However, the food is not that tasty, I have to say our burger in the morning made from the little shops are much tastier than that of Marriott at a fraction of the price. Of course we also had a Sakara Gold in this nice weather.

The pool water is warm and the weather is just nice for a dip in the pool. It is not too hot nor too cold to our liking. I even fall asleep for a bit after lunch when the kids decided to continue playing with water.

Chilling by the pool.
Kids enjoying chilling by the pool today and not out exploring the city.

After the swim, we went back to room. Steven took a nap while kids and me went photo shooting around the premises especially the part where we can see the pyramids. There was a garden and a restaurant that is facing the pyramids and we see a couple of our tourists taking photos there as well.

For dinner, we were pretty full and we needed to finish our instant noodle so we walked to On the Run at the petrol station to get their super good Nutella tarts and some small bites. Jaclyn didn’t want to have the instant noodles so she got herself a cheese and tomatoes sandwich. We had dinner by our balcony enjoying music from a wedding by the pool.

Wedding by the pool. Have a good married life 🙂

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