Practising new song: 大山可以挪开

I have been learning violin for 8 months now. To be honest, I totally have to thanks this non-travel /lockdown issue that we have been facing and still never ending. If it is not due to the fact that we are not able to travel, we would have gone back home over the summer holiday and I would not have the chance/opportunity to start my violin class. This is what I would call the silver lining of this covid issue.

By the way, I pass my violin grade 1 exam with distinction! Took the online exam in December and voila… I got my cert now 🙂

Recently daddy bought an online score for a worship song that he likes and we have been practising. I gotten my violin teacher to teach me how to play the violin part so that I can play it with my dad…

Sneak peak everyone:

This is what I did over 45 mins of learning from my teacher…