I am 10 years old!

Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday…… toooooo meeeee
Happy Birthday to me!!!

I am officially 10 years old! Can you believe it??!

I am so excited because finally my birthday party is confirmed! After postponing it for a year due to Covid, it is finally happening!

My breakfast this morning!

I had a really wonderful day on my actual birthday, starting with a nice burrata cheese breakfast followed by opening of my birthday present. I did not expect a birthday present as I thought the party is my present this year but just as I open my eyes this morning, I saw a nicely wrapped present on my table. OMG! Cant wait to see what is it!!!

Guess what…

It is a PHONE!!!

My first handphone!!! So excited and it is in a bright ORANGE colour!

After e-learning today, we head to The Arch for 2 hours of fun!

Followed by dinner at The Cheesecake Factory! IT was yummy. I had sausage roll and a piece of amazing strawberry cheesecake!

Few days later, over weekend, I had the most amazing birthday party! IT was so much fun and I had so many friends coming to play together.

So so so much fun OMG!

I am a happy girl!

Happy birthday darling!


Practising new song: 大山可以挪开

I have been learning violin for 8 months now. To be honest, I totally have to thanks this non-travel /lockdown issue that we have been facing and still never ending. If it is not due to the fact that we are not able to travel, we would have gone back home over the summer holiday and I would not have the chance/opportunity to start my violin class. This is what I would call the silver lining of this covid issue.

By the way, I pass my violin grade 1 exam with distinction! Took the online exam in December and voila… I got my cert now 🙂

Recently daddy bought an online score for a worship song that he likes and we have been practising. I gotten my violin teacher to teach me how to play the violin part so that I can play it with my dad…

Sneak peak everyone:

This is what I did over 45 mins of learning from my teacher…


World Scientist Day

How I celebrated World Scientist Day!


It was World Scientist Day last week and our school had us dressed up as our favourite scientist for the day.

Our teacher also send out a few easy experiments that we could do at home. I looked through and decided to try two of them.

The first one was a floating stickman. This was look straightforward enough. Basically, what we need is a plate, an oil based marker and some water. Draw a stickman or whatever picture u want on the plate, let it dry for a minute and place some water on the plate. The stickman will float….. pretty cool yeah?

I am trying it out using a round ball…. 🙂

My second experiment is the DIY lava lamp. The link my teacher send out was the one using Alka-Seltzer tablet but we don’t have it at home so I found one that does not require the tablet and it works just find. I love the bubbling part (try it and let me know if u like it too 🙂

Our cool LAVA LAMP experiment

The ingredients are really simple and we can find them readily available at home.

So what we need is just:

1 cup of cooking oil
1/2 cup of white vinegar
1 tsp of baking soda + 1 tsp water
Few drops of food colouring

This is a really cool experiment. Check out the video and try it! It is a MUST!!!

I really enjoyed this World Scientist Day and I hope u will too 🙂

p/s: Check out my brothers jumping pose in his scientist outfit!


October mid-term break

An exceptional staycation at Ajman Saray!


October mid-term break was pretty fulfilling. We had a nice picnic on the first day of break. It was a big grass area near where we stayed and surprisingly empty every morning although it was always packed in the evening.

Although we only brought some store-bought biscuit and some fruits, it was very nice. It is good to be out sometimes and have breakfast with a change of scenery.

I am loving this photo with Justin. We were both so excited with the picnic and guess what, we found a rabbit hole or so we thought 🙂

The next day, daddy and mummy surprised us with a staycation at Ajman Saray. It was an hour drive from Dubai and the view from our room is perfect (it was a complimentary upgrade) . Weather is very nice and we spend the whole afternoon dipping in the pool and enjoying the beach.

View from room

The sun set fast enough these day and time just flies when we are having fun. After a nice bubble bath, we set off to have dinner at the beachfront restaurant. The promo that we got comes with a AED 200 voucher for food so dinner came at a discount 🙂

We ended the day with the amazing cakes from their lobby’s cafe. It was very very good and I definitely and highly recommend them. Never leave without tasting their cakes. The cake prices are pretty decent considering it at a hotel, it costs AED 20-30 per piece and all the cakes we tried were very good.

We did not opt for breakfast so after an easy brekkie in our room, we head out to check out their jacuzzi pool (at the main pool area). We did not realise there is a kids jacuzzi and adult one so when we headed to the adult one yesterday, we were told that it is for adult only.

Then, more beach time before we check out. I found lots of sea snail and they were amazing and so much fun to play with.

Check out our fun time at Ajman Saray:

My cute brother enjoying the sand
I am loving these sea snail. They are so cute. I put them back when I leave. Do you think they will still be there when I go back?

We ended the holiday with a perfect ending, my favourite TIRAMISU!

It was soooo sooooo sooo good!!!!


The new learning norm

I have been back to school for a month now. Things has gotten back on track and I am adapting to the new norm. Our school are now doing alternate week studying which has been working well so far.

Our timetable remains the same, the only changes are the location. Classes as usual one week, and another week we do e-learning at home. This year my homeroom teacher is Miss N, so far she is fine I guess. Maybe could do better with more fun in the class I supposed. After all, fun is all that matters when it comes to learning. It just makes school a whole lot more happier, don’t you agree?

A couple of my friends has been doing e-learning together, not as a big group of course. So, I had one with my friend Zoe as well.

It was a fun day learning. Rather than doing all my work alone, I get to discuss and learn something from Zoe and I am sure she learned something from me too. We even did a YouTube video together for fun. So let’s guess, who will be winning this handstand competition? Zoe or me?

Hand stand competition. Guess who can do handstand longer?


My new skill!

I can cycle now!!!

And by that I do not mean cycling on 4 wheels but rather TWO WHEELS!!!

You heard it right… IT IS A TWO WHEEL BIKE which require lots of balance and balance and balance!!!!


It is always my dream to cycle on two wheels bike but I never got it right. And now I am so excited that I can do it now!

It’s so fun that my brother and me cycle almost everyday despite the heat in Dubai now. Its pretty humid and hot now because summer is coming!

Summer is nice in Europe but definitely not in Dubai. The daytime temperature can soar past 40 degree Celcius and with the high humidity, it is sooo sooo hot!

Gotta enjoy my bike before it gets too hot!


My 9th Birthday

Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to meeeeee-e, Happy birthday to me!!!!

Happy 9th birthday to me!

I had a really good celebration at home with my loved ones….although I was really looking forward to my birthday party at Street Maniac but I understand that it is not possible in the current situation. All entertainment centre in Dubai is closed until further notice.

Nevertheless, everyone is working very hard to make my birthday an extra special one.

The weekend before my birthday, Alexandra and Olivia organised a surprise Zoom party for me! And I got a fruit tart as a mini early cake!
My first virtual birthday party!
Couple of days before my birthday, Justin make me a homemade play dough! Although he is doing it for his school work, but he made an effort to ask me which items I wanted and he chose to do it for me!
On the morning of my birthday, mummy make fresh orange juice and hotdog, bread and egg for me!
Daddy and mummy got me my favourite Thea Stilton books for my present!
Olivia is still stucked in Mauritius but she did not forget to send me a present via Amazon. I can’t wait for the pool to open so that I can use it.
Alexandra got me the book that I really wanted. The Secret of the Crystal Fairies! Her dad drop it off our doorstep, very thoughtful of them.
Hannah draw for me a cake with unicorn and rainbow cause she said I love unicorn and rainbow. Its so pretty!
Jayden also draw me a cake he copied off google. Its nicely done and his handwriting is very neat too.
At night we cut my favourite strawberry cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. It’s so yummy. Although it is squashed from delivery but still tasted amazing!

I was also very touched with the birthday wishes video from everyone.

Thanks for making so much effort. I had an amazing birthday!


New house, new adventure!

Time really flies. In a blink of eye, we have been staying in this current villa for 2 years already. I still remember the first day we moved into the house. It was my birthday and we had home cooked breakfast in the garden under one of the big tree.

Moving to Dubai and into this villa has been a big change for all of us. Since young, we had been staying in HDB flats in Singapore (like most people do in Singapore). Singapore is a relatively small country, so most people stay in high rise flat. We would never have the chance to stay in landed house if we were in Singapore. The landed property prices in Singapore are crazy!

So, when we moved to Dubai, we all decided that we had to give landed house a try. It had been a wonderful experience. 

At first, daddy and mummy had a hard time getting used to going up and down the stairs. It’s too much effort and they usually think twice before doing that, making sure they did not leave their phone upstairs when coming down, vice versa. Of course, having a bigger house is not an issue for Justin and me. We were having so much fun running around, the house is practically a huge playground for us. Did I also mention that we had a HUGE garden, I can practically cycle there. 

A garden which we enjoyed over the winter.

We used to get complain from the neighbor that stayed one floor below us in Singapore cause we were jumping around in the house (but how can you expect a normal and wonderful kids like us to be studying all day long, right?) but no more issue here, we can jump and make as much noise as we wanted and no one will complain.

After staying for 2 years at Meadows 8, Emirates Living, we finally decided to move. It was not an easy decision as moving house is never easy. We had so much stuff and the thought of it is scary. Anyway we still decided to go ahead with it cause daddy and mummy already very feed up with our super unresponsive landlord.

After searching high and low, we finally found one at The Lakes! OMG!!! THE LAKES!!! I love The Lakes! Do you know why?

Cause all my best friends stay in The Lakes so I can actually walk to their house now!!!! Yay!!! I am so HAPPY!!!!

4th April 2020

We finally got the key to the house!

But on 5th April , new regulations came out and there is 24 hour sterilisation in Dubai meaning we can’t go out for the whole day without permit. Daddy and mummy panic big time and even email the police department.

Luckily we are allowed to move as long as it’s between 8am to 2pm.

So we booked a mover for 10th April and started moving some of our stuff (mainly clothes and toys) over to the new house.

Then somewhere along the line, we realise that on 10th April which is a weekend, Emaar only allows moving 10am onwards and not gonna work if we have to finish by 2pm.

So, at the last minute we decided to move on 9th April. Justin and me pretty excited about this change, this means we no need to do e-learning on that day!! Haha, we ended up staying in the car playing iPad while the movers packed up the remaining of our stuff!

Packing up our old house!
And within a few hours, we are now at our new house! Isn’t it amazing!
For lunch, we ordered McD breakfast! So nice!!!
And Justin is having his video call on high chair!

And we began our many FIRST in the new house!

We had our first dinner- takeaway from Din Tai Fung
Our first meal at the “new” dining table left by owner
Our first Easter egg hunt
Our first mini kitchen session- making cornflakes cup for Easter Sunday
Not forgetting our first outdoor fun pool session!

So far , it has been great. Justin and me love exploring the house while daddy and mummy busy unpacking our stuff!

Cheers to many more FIRST in our new house!

By the way, my birthday is coming up soon so yeah, my first birthday in the new house too! I CANT WAIT!!!

xoxo Jaclyn

P/S: I accidentally stumbled upon two really cute pics while browsing through my photos from 2 years ago.

This is me 2 years ago, on my first day to school.
And this is my little cute brother on his first day to school. Isn’t he a cutie back then?


What we did during school holiday, while on partial lockdown?

This is probably one of my special school holiday, a holiday I would remember in many years to come. With entertainment centre such as Motiongate, Legoland, Kidzania, indoor playground shutting down to minimise spreading of COVID-19, my parents could see the seriousness of this issue and hence, we try our best to stay home as much as possible.

To be honest, it is not that bad and probably even what Justin and me prefer. Even before this, we sometimes begged our parents to let us stay home but they always have plans to go here and there. So now, I have good excuse to stay home, indefinitely or until further notice that is.

We have been kept busy. Besides the Maths, Science and Chinese homework that mummy assigned each day, we also have to practice piano for 30 minutes. By the time we finish those, almost half a day passed.

After lunch is usually play time.

We kept ourselves busy with this 205 pieces space puzzle:

Love this oval shaped space puzzle. Justin got it for his birthday present from daddy and mummy and we loved it. Pretty challenging!

Justin also loved playin in the living room while mummy and me binge on Korean drama.

As for mummy, she is enjoying whipping up dishes to feed us.

I love this radish cake that she make!

How bout daddy? Well, he is enjoying his new watch. Yes, he finally bought it after much much much consideration.

Daddy also enjoy experimenting making his fish soup and it is super yummy!

On top of that, we also did a little bit of outdoor activities while maintaining safe distance.

We went to McDonald at The Pointe and we had the whole place to ourselves. We also went for a short walk around the area after eating.

One fine evening, we got dragged out by daddy and mummy to walk 6km. We only came back at 7.30pm and it is all dark outside already. 2 hours of walking and I think that is enough for this week, too tiring!

We enjoyed playing frisbee though….

And that marks the end of the school holiday.

Next week, e-learning starts and I can’t wait!

Till then.

xoxo                                                                                                                    Jaclyn