New house, new adventure!

Time really flies. In a blink of eye, we have been staying in this current villa for 2 years already. I still remember the first day we moved into the house. It was my birthday and we had home cooked breakfast in the garden under one of the big tree.

Moving to Dubai and into this villa has been a big change for all of us. Since young, we had been staying in HDB flats in Singapore (like most people do in Singapore). Singapore is a relatively small country, so most people stay in high rise flat. We would never have the chance to stay in landed house if we were in Singapore. The landed property prices in Singapore are crazy!

So, when we moved to Dubai, we all decided that we had to give landed house a try. It had been a wonderful experience. 

At first, daddy and mummy had a hard time getting used to going up and down the stairs. It’s too much effort and they usually think twice before doing that, making sure they did not leave their phone upstairs when coming down, vice versa. Of course, having a bigger house is not an issue for Justin and me. We were having so much fun running around, the house is practically a huge playground for us. Did I also mention that we had a HUGE garden, I can practically cycle there. 

A garden which we enjoyed over the winter.

We used to get complain from the neighbor that stayed one floor below us in Singapore cause we were jumping around in the house (but how can you expect a normal and wonderful kids like us to be studying all day long, right?) but no more issue here, we can jump and make as much noise as we wanted and no one will complain.

After staying for 2 years at Meadows 8, Emirates Living, we finally decided to move. It was not an easy decision as moving house is never easy. We had so much stuff and the thought of it is scary. Anyway we still decided to go ahead with it cause daddy and mummy already very feed up with our super unresponsive landlord.

After searching high and low, we finally found one at The Lakes! OMG!!! THE LAKES!!! I love The Lakes! Do you know why?

Cause all my best friends stay in The Lakes so I can actually walk to their house now!!!! Yay!!! I am so HAPPY!!!!

4th April 2020

We finally got the key to the house!

But on 5th April , new regulations came out and there is 24 hour sterilisation in Dubai meaning we can’t go out for the whole day without permit. Daddy and mummy panic big time and even email the police department.

Luckily we are allowed to move as long as it’s between 8am to 2pm.

So we booked a mover for 10th April and started moving some of our stuff (mainly clothes and toys) over to the new house.

Then somewhere along the line, we realise that on 10th April which is a weekend, Emaar only allows moving 10am onwards and not gonna work if we have to finish by 2pm.

So, at the last minute we decided to move on 9th April. Justin and me pretty excited about this change, this means we no need to do e-learning on that day!! Haha, we ended up staying in the car playing iPad while the movers packed up the remaining of our stuff!

Packing up our old house!
And within a few hours, we are now at our new house! Isn’t it amazing!
For lunch, we ordered McD breakfast! So nice!!!
And Justin is having his video call on high chair!

And we began our many FIRST in the new house!

We had our first dinner- takeaway from Din Tai Fung
Our first meal at the “new” dining table left by owner
Our first Easter egg hunt
Our first mini kitchen session- making cornflakes cup for Easter Sunday
Not forgetting our first outdoor fun pool session!

So far , it has been great. Justin and me love exploring the house while daddy and mummy busy unpacking our stuff!

Cheers to many more FIRST in our new house!

By the way, my birthday is coming up soon so yeah, my first birthday in the new house too! I CANT WAIT!!!

xoxo Jaclyn

P/S: I accidentally stumbled upon two really cute pics while browsing through my photos from 2 years ago.

This is me 2 years ago, on my first day to school.
And this is my little cute brother on his first day to school. Isn’t he a cutie back then?