Sandstorm experience first hand

Sandstorm experience first hand

It was the wrong weekend to go camping!

After couple of successful camping experience, we thought what could go wrong. So, while the weather is still not so warm, we decided to re-visit our first camp spot (a little gem we found back in December 2020) off Love Lake at Al Qudra.

We happily packed, and drove there but did not check the weather forecast. The only thing we checked was the temperature to decide what time we should reach so that it is not too warm but bright enough to set up tent.

We decided to reach by 4.30pm while gives us ample time to pitch out tent.

It was a little windy when we reach but we thought it will settle down but unfortunately it got worse and we are practically covered in sand from top to bottom.

Check out the crazy sandstorm, definitely not CAMPING today!

We have to decide fast as it was already 5pm then. After a quick discussion, we decided to head out to Expo 2020 lake area to see if there is any place we could camp. However, the area is also located in the desert and not spared by the sandstorm.

Fortunately we found an area which is surrounded by trees and that help to reduce lots of the sand. However it was not a good camping spot so we just had our steamboat dinner and hang out.

We are lucky to arrived just before sunset to catch this spectacular view!
Kids chilling and having ice tea
Steamboat dinner

Luckily, we pop our projector in our car just before we left home so kids had fun with outdoor cinema.

Outdoor cinema..

Joshua is having his birthday the following week so took the opportunity to celebrate for him as well. Happy 8th birthday Joshua, hope you stay healthy and have many blessings 🙂

Happy Birthday Joshie…

Although we did not camp, we ended up staying till 1am and reach home 2am in the morning, sticky and sandy!


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