Exploring Mleiha Archeological Centre and it’s surrounding

Exploring Mleiha Archeological Centre and it’s surrounding

Today we are going back in history and see what Mleiha Archeological Centre has to offer. Located in the Emirates of Sharjah, an hour drive away from Dubai, it is a small museum that house the fossils found in the surrounding area. There are lots of information on the life of the region and great for those who loves history.

There is a small entry fee if you wish to visit the museum.

You could visit their website for most updated information of the entrance fees: https://www.discovermleiha.ae/activities-adventures/

Opening hours

For us who is not so into history, we actually preferred to walk around the area. We did visited their museum but was not impress, it was smaller than we expected but I must say the cafe there looks pretty good and has outdoor seatings as well. There are a couple of archaeological sites near the museum that I would say worth checking out.

We went to one of the sites called The Wadi Caves and enjoy the trail. It was not long but definitely have lots of caves and interesting rock formation.

One of my favourite shot during the trip was taken at The Wadi Caves.

Loving this shot taken at The Wadi Caves.

We spend some time exploring the trails at wadi caves and you can do an off track hiking if you are up to it. As it was near sunset, we left the place and head to over to a sand dunes nearby to play with the sands before it gets dark.

This is the coordinates for the sand dunes:

25°06’46.3″N 55°49’40.7″E

It is accessible by sedan car but be very careful and do not go further in as the sands are more soft. Stop at where most people park and you should be fine.

In case your car get stuck and you are stranded, you could try getting help with this Rescue apps. Tried and tested!


We had lots of fun at the dunes, kids could not get tired from climbing the sand dunes and slide down. Works best if you have a sand boarding board. Otherwise just be creative and play!

There are many families setting up tables and have picnic or barbecue so that could be an option as well.

Manage to climb to the top of the sand dunes before the sun sets fully.

I would definitely recommend The Wadi Caves plus the sand dunes, great for a half day out in the open. For those who love history, then definitely go for the museum as well!


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