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Animal encounter @ Dubai Safari Park

A variety of animals greet us at the door to Explorer Village

The kids have been wanting to visit the safari park ever since it reopens in October 2020. We always pass by the humongous signboard at it’s entrance when we go to International City and the kids were always asking when are we bringing them. My initial plan was to visit over the December school holiday but unfortunately the combo ticket were sold out before I could get my hands on it.

The combo tickets includes an air-conditioned bus ride into the explorer village where one could have close encounter with animals such as lion, tiger, oryx, cheetah, zebra etc. The ride takes approximately 45 mins so do plan your day. There is a staff that will give some fun facts on the animals along the way which makes our trip more fun!

Jaclyn enjoying the bus ride, which brings us through the animal’s habitat, both on land and in river.Can you spot the crocodile?

Did you know that there is no female lion in the safari park? And the reason is not that the male lion looks nicer with their mane but rather because the male and female tends to fight when they are kept together. However, I don’t see this issues with other zoos though, they must have kept them until control somehow 🙂

A lion resting and enjoying the shade provided by the trees.
Kid’s fav in Explorer Village. The tiger is literally just next to them!

Also, I did not know that oryx actually changes colour according to season. They are white in winter and slowly turns darker shade of brown in summer. So, the oryx is now half white and half brown, interesting facts indeed.

The weather is a little too hot and humid on the day we visited so we did not enjoy fully but rather looking for shade and some cold drinks to cool down.

I have to say that their food and beverages in the park is very reasonably priced. We had fried rice at the Thai food truck and the price range is DHS 20-25 for the rice that comes in a pretty big portion.

Ice cream at the Thai store are sold between DHS 3-8 , hence we could not resist but had some for our dessert after and they are really good.

Do bring lots of water as the weather is turning warm and the park is pretty vast so definitely needs lots of hydration. However, if you ran out of water, a 500ml mineral water sets you back at DHS 2 and it is not exorbitant. Do bring some coins to purchase the mineral water.

Colourful entrance to kid’s farm

Kids enjoyed the kids farm as they can interact with the friendly parrots. Safe distancing is in place and they limit the amount of people and time inside the aviary.

Petting parrots is definitely the highlight for the kids at safari park!

My favourite part is the ride though the Arabian Desert in an open air tram, although it was not a long ride but I just love the feeling of looking out and seeing the deers and oryx roaming freely in their habitat. This tram ride is available to everyone and you can enjoy it without having to purchase the combo ticket.

Enjoying our tram ride through the Arabian Dessert unique to this region

The official website definitely can do more in their information section. I could not find any information on the animals show on their website or at the entrance. We only got the information by asking the staff.

Some info below on the animal shows for those who plan to visit:

  1. Bird show at 11am. Location: Explorer Village Theatre
  2. Animal show at 3pm. Location: Asian Village Theatre
The 11am bird show where you can spot hornbills, pelicans, parrots, ducks, etc

The zip line and huge playground that you can see as you drive in the park is not open at the moment. If anyone of you visit the park in the future, do let me know when the zip line is open as that would warrant another visit from us.

Overall, it was a good experience and definitely one of the nicer zoo in the UAE. It would help if there are more trees planted to give shade as the summer in UAE is pretty harsh. The overall design and architecture are great and gives a majestic look to the area. Definitely give them a visit if you have time, whether you are visiting or residing in Dubai. Children do learn a lot especially during the explorer village bus ride!

One of my fav shot this visit- inside the aviary at African Village

To purchase tickets, do visit their official website as it gives a cheaper price. If you purchase them from head out website, they charge additional service fees.

Dubai Safari Park tickets:

This map will come in handy when you are planning your trip:

Learn. Enjoy. Explore.

Short video of our safari trip!


First hike in UAE @ Al Rabi

Excited to start our hike

Hiking is not something that we did much in the past and we definitely did not expect the kids to love it. We used to do a short hike in the past when we visited other countries such as Lake District in UK but the kids was not very excited and would always wanted to go back to our hotel/accommodation rather than doing a couple of hours of hiking.

We did our first proper hike in November 2020 with a couple of friends and their family. The weather is still warm in the daytime in November so we decided to leave Dubai early and head to Al Rabi in Khorfakkan which is an hour and a half away. We met up at McDonalds to grab some breakfast to eat on our way there.

To reach the parking spot for the hike, just search Al Rabi Hiking Trail or Al Rabi Tower on google map. When you reach there, park at the long term parking area which is below the Al Rabi tower. You might risk getting a fine if you park at the short term parking area and go for a full hike. Short term parking are reserved for those who wanted to visit Al Rabi Tower.

Long term parking area

The hardest part (IMHO) is actually climbing the steep slope to go up to the Al Rabi Tower from the long term parking area. It definitely takes up lots of our energy and strength.

The killer slope from long term car park to the Al Rabi Tower
Start of the trail , just next to the Al Rabi Tower

TIPS: There are no washroom available at Al Rabi Tower so do visit nearby petrol station before heading for the hike. There are also no stalls selling food so do bring your own food and water. I would recommend getting 1L of water per adult if you plan to do the full hike which is about 7.5km, around 3.5 hours hike with rest.

The trail is well marked with many good spot for photo taking. It overlooks the city and port so you get both city and sea view. The pros of this trail is that it is not a loop so you could hike until a point that you are comfortable with and then double back on the same trail. It is well marked so it is good for beginner and it is not easy to get lost in this well marked trail.

However, it gets quite crowded over the weekend as it is very easy to reach plus it has a great view and easy to moderate trail. Definitely worth a try if you wanted to try hiking for the first time.

Very nice view along the hike
Loving this shot of a lone tree amidst the scenic backdrop
Some shots along the hike
We made it to the top


October mid-term break

October mid-term break was pretty fulfilling. We had a nice picnic on the first day of break. It was a big grass area near where we stayed and surprisingly empty every morning although it was always packed in the evening.

Although we only brought some store-bought biscuit and some fruits, it was very nice. It is good to be out sometimes and have breakfast with a change of scenery.

I am loving this photo with Justin. We were both so excited with the picnic and guess what, we found a rabbit hole or so we thought 🙂

The next day, daddy and mummy surprised us with a staycation at Ajman Saray. It was an hour drive from Dubai and the view from our room is perfect (it was a complimentary upgrade) . Weather is very nice and we spend the whole afternoon dipping in the pool and enjoying the beach.

View from room

The sun set fast enough these day and time just flies when we are having fun. After a nice bubble bath, we set off to have dinner at the beachfront restaurant. The promo that we got comes with a AED 200 voucher for food so dinner came at a discount 🙂

We ended the day with the amazing cakes from their lobby’s cafe. It was very very good and I definitely and highly recommend them. Never leave without tasting their cakes. The cake prices are pretty decent considering it at a hotel, it costs AED 20-30 per piece and all the cakes we tried were very good.

We did not opt for breakfast so after an easy brekkie in our room, we head out to check out their jacuzzi pool (at the main pool area). We did not realise there is a kids jacuzzi and adult one so when we headed to the adult one yesterday, we were told that it is for adult only.

Then, more beach time before we check out. I found lots of sea snail and they were amazing and so much fun to play with.

Check out our fun time at Ajman Saray:

My cute brother enjoying the sand
I am loving these sea snail. They are so cute. I put them back when I leave. Do you think they will still be there when I go back?

We ended the holiday with a perfect ending, my favourite TIRAMISU!

It was soooo sooooo sooo good!!!!