I have been back to school for a month now. Things has gotten back on track and I am adapting to the new norm. Our school are now doing alternate week studying which has been working well so far.

Our timetable remains the same, the only changes are the location. Classes as usual one week, and another week we do e-learning at home. This year my homeroom teacher is Miss N, so far she is fine I guess. Maybe could do better with more fun in the class I supposed. After all, fun is all that matters when it comes to learning. It just makes school a whole lot more happier, don’t you agree?

A couple of my friends has been doing e-learning together, not as a big group of course. So, I had one with my friend Zoe as well.

It was a fun day learning. Rather than doing all my work alone, I get to discuss and learn something from Zoe and I am sure she learned something from me too. We even did a YouTube video together for fun. So let’s guess, who will be winning this handstand competition? Zoe or me?

Hand stand competition. Guess who can do handstand longer?

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