World Scientist Day

World Scientist Day

It was World Scientist Day last week and our school had us dressed up as our favourite scientist for the day.

Our teacher also send out a few easy experiments that we could do at home. I looked through and decided to try two of them.

The first one was a floating stickman. This was look straightforward enough. Basically, what we need is a plate, an oil based marker and some water. Draw a stickman or whatever picture u want on the plate, let it dry for a minute and place some water on the plate. The stickman will float….. pretty cool yeah?

I am trying it out using a round ball…. 🙂

My second experiment is the DIY lava lamp. The link my teacher send out was the one using Alka-Seltzer tablet but we don’t have it at home so I found one that does not require the tablet and it works just find. I love the bubbling part (try it and let me know if u like it too 🙂

Our cool LAVA LAMP experiment

The ingredients are really simple and we can find them readily available at home.

So what we need is just:

1 cup of cooking oil
1/2 cup of white vinegar
1 tsp of baking soda + 1 tsp water
Few drops of food colouring

This is a really cool experiment. Check out the video and try it! It is a MUST!!!

I really enjoyed this World Scientist Day and I hope u will too 🙂

p/s: Check out my brothers jumping pose in his scientist outfit!


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