My 9th Birthday

Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to meeeeee-e, Happy birthday to me!!!!

Happy 9th birthday to me!

I had a really good celebration at home with my loved ones….although I was really looking forward to my birthday party at Street Maniac but I understand that it is not possible in the current situation. All entertainment centre in Dubai is closed until further notice.

Nevertheless, everyone is working very hard to make my birthday an extra special one.

The weekend before my birthday, Alexandra and Olivia organised a surprise Zoom party for me! And I got a fruit tart as a mini early cake!
My first virtual birthday party!
Couple of days before my birthday, Justin make me a homemade play dough! Although he is doing it for his school work, but he made an effort to ask me which items I wanted and he chose to do it for me!
On the morning of my birthday, mummy make fresh orange juice and hotdog, bread and egg for me!
Daddy and mummy got me my favourite Thea Stilton books for my present!
Olivia is still stucked in Mauritius but she did not forget to send me a present via Amazon. I can’t wait for the pool to open so that I can use it.
Alexandra got me the book that I really wanted. The Secret of the Crystal Fairies! Her dad drop it off our doorstep, very thoughtful of them.
Hannah draw for me a cake with unicorn and rainbow cause she said I love unicorn and rainbow. Its so pretty!
Jayden also draw me a cake he copied off google. Its nicely done and his handwriting is very neat too.
At night we cut my favourite strawberry cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. It’s so yummy. Although it is squashed from delivery but still tasted amazing!

I was also very touched with the birthday wishes video from everyone.

Thanks for making so much effort. I had an amazing birthday!


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