One of my usual day

Good morning!

I am enjoying a glass of my favourite homemade cashew milk this morning. It’s super yummy and I totally love it. And it is very easy to make.

Basically, what you need to do is to soak half a cup of raw cashews overnight. When you wake up the next morning, drain the water off the cashew. Place the cashew into a blender, add 2 cups of mineral/filtered water plus some honey. Blend them and that’s it. You make cashew milk.

Did you know that cashew milk has lots of health benefits? It helps with the immune system, good for eye, heart, skin etc etc. I got sold at the good for skin part so I stopped reading and start drinking!

I love drinking it on it’s own while my mum drinks it with her coffee. 

Today, I had fun with my brother. We played Lego, PJ Mask Headquarter Set and I love the archeological set that he got for Christmas. It is really fun cause he can digs the dinousaur bone out slowly and it’s super cool!

But he only allows me to dust and not dig… arghh… I am going to text my aunt RIGHT NOW to get me the same set that she got for my brother for my birthday. Then I can dig and he can be the “duster”!

Although he annoys me like hell but at times, I secretly love him (Don’t tell him that, shhhh!!!). To be honest, he is such a fun person to be with (probably that’s why he had so many friends at school.

He categorized his friends into a few groups:

  1. His BFF which he likes to hang out and have play dates with.
  2. His morning friends who plays with him when he gets to school early in the morning (cause his BFF only comes right on the dot when school starts!)
  3. His miscellaneous friends that he plays with sometimes! Yeah, he has miscellaneous friends, such a weird boy.

Plus, he is always coming up with funny jokes to make me laugh. I think at the end of the day, he is my only sibling, so I had no choice but to play with him, I guess!

Anyway, today his jokes are pretty funny!

Question: What do you call a deer with no eyes?

Answer: No eye-dear!!!! (No idea)

Definitely much better than the ICUP joke! I totally hate that joke!

Have you heard of the ICUP jokes? Its really lame but here goes:

Questions: Spell ICUP.

And when I say I C U P (I see you pee!), he is laughing like mad!!!


xoxo Jaclyn


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