ADVENTURA OUTDOOR PARK- lots of zipline, obstacle course!

Let the adventure BEGIN

If your child has endless energy and love thrills, ADVENTURA is the place for you. However, I would only recommend this during winter time as it is 100% outdoor. Although some area are shaded by trees but in summer time, it will be too hot to be doing any of these activities.

Located in Mushrif Park, you do need to pay an entrance fees to enter the park using the NoL card. If you do not have the card, it can be purchased on the spot at the entrance.

There are different trails that are suitable for different heights so there is something for everyone. There are a few package available and it all covers 3 hours of unlimited fun with an option to add on gloves rental or unlimited mineral water, Adventura Earth bags. Entertainer has buy one free one offer but not applicable on the basic package. Therefore, we had chosen the Adventura package which includes 3 hours of fun plus unlimited water and gloves rental.

We were there on a weekday as the kids school had parents teacher conference and the kids had the day off. So, it was relatively empty or should I say very empty as the first two hours of our time there, we are the only guests, so we had the whole place to ourselves.

Safety measure in place

We started with training to get used to how the strap and hook works. There are safety measures in place so at any one time during the course of the obstacle, we can only remove one of the hook (there are two hook to ensure that we don’t fall off). After we got used to how to use the safety hook, it is time for fun.

Our first trail is the blue trail (Explorador) which is suitable for kids above 1.25m and even adults. Took us about an hour to finish it, it is a mixture of monkey bars, balance bars, hanging bridge and some ziplines. We all had lots of fun with that.

sideway wall climbing

However, when that is finished, we had a hard time finding another trail that is suitable for the whole family. We try the rangers which is designed for kids 1.15m and above but it was too short for the adults so we played with the kids for a bit and then venture out to try the Adventura trail for 1.4m and above. It was exciting but not easy, I had a hard time doing the sideway wall climbing as it requires a lot of hand and upper body strength.

Overall, we all had a good experience despite the heat is getting really unbearable towards mid day but I still had a good time. Hope to go back again in the winter time.

Price list

Jabal Jais hike end of April- really hot!

Although weather forecast state the weather is only 13-21 degree C at Jabal Jais, we really shouldn’t believe it. Reality and forecast are actually two different thing. We arrived around 2pm and it was 25 degree but feels like 30 degree C.

What make things worse is that I am wearing a super tight jeans thinking I could pair it nicely with my newly bought leather jacket from Global Village and it did not help. I seldom gave up halfway when hiking but it was really too tight and too difficult to hike so I had to descend when we are just halfway to the first checkpoint.

Cong and the kids were very good and manage to hike to the flag! Good job!

After the descend, we enjoyed sitting under the canopy while the kids played at the playground. It was relatively empty that day so it was nice and not too overcrowded. By 5pm, the breeze was really nice with a tinge of chilly in the air. The sunset that evening was pretty although there was a thick mist in the air, but that makes it nicer.

It was an unplanned trip but each one bring something to complement one another. We had a nice and simple BBQ sausage and burger for dinner, and kids play around the little area we cordoned off with our cars.

It was tiring but an unexpected nice trip to catch the last of winter. Unless Oman border open, otherwise it will be difficult to feel that nice cool breeze until end of this year!

麻辣辣子鸡 (Ma La Spicy Chicken)

INGREDIENTS (serves 4):
For marinate:
1. 400g chicken cube (breast or chicken thigh)
2. 6 slices of ginger
3. 1 stalk of spring onion, cut into 10cm length
4. 1 teaspoon of light soy sauce
5. 1/4 teaspoon of salt
6. a pinch of ground white pepper
7. OPTIONAL: 1 teaspoon of cooking wine (I use DOM)
For cooking:
1. 30g dried red chillies, soaked and rinsed
2. 1 teaspoon of Sichuan peppercorn
3. 6 slices of ginger slice
4. 4 cloves of garlic
5. 1 teaspoon of light soy sauce
6. a pinch of sugar
7. 1 teaspoon of toasted sesame seed
8. 1 stalk spring onion , chopped finely
9. OPTIONAL : 1 teaspoon of cooking wine , I use DOM
1. Cut the chicken into cube size, marinate with all the marinate stated overnight.
2. Remove spring onion and ginger before deep frying them.
3. Heat up oil and fry over medium heat until the edges of chicken is light brown.
4. Then remove chicken from oil and heat up the oil until high temperature (when you see smoke coming out from the oil, it is ready). Put the chicken back into the oil and fry for one minute then remove from oil and let the oil drip.
5. Pour out the oil from the wok and add one tablespoon of oil back into the wok.
6. Stir fry ginger, garlic, Sichuan pepper for a minute. Add dry chillies and fry until fragrant.
7. Add in the chicken pieces. At the same time, add the soy sauce, sugar and cooking wine. Mix well.
8. Add sesame seeds and spring onion. Give it a quick stir and serve hot.

I am 10 years old!

Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday…… toooooo meeeee
Happy Birthday to me!!!

I am officially 10 years old! Can you believe it??!

I am so excited because finally my birthday party is confirmed! After postponing it for a year due to Covid, it is finally happening!

My breakfast this morning!

I had a really wonderful day on my actual birthday, starting with a nice burrata cheese breakfast followed by opening of my birthday present. I did not expect a birthday present as I thought the party is my present this year but just as I open my eyes this morning, I saw a nicely wrapped present on my table. OMG! Cant wait to see what is it!!!

Guess what…

It is a PHONE!!!

My first handphone!!! So excited and it is in a bright ORANGE colour!

After e-learning today, we head to The Arch for 2 hours of fun!

Followed by dinner at The Cheesecake Factory! IT was yummy. I had sausage roll and a piece of amazing strawberry cheesecake!

Few days later, over weekend, I had the most amazing birthday party! IT was so much fun and I had so many friends coming to play together.

So so so much fun OMG!

I am a happy girl!

Happy birthday darling!

We finally travel out of UAE after 1 year and 3 months– without passport!!! #Wadi Al Hora #Madha #Oman

Nice for a dip!

We have stayed in UAE for 3 years now but little did we know that there is actually a little Oman doughnut inside UAE that does not have border control! So, it is easy to understand why we must head there this very weekend after learning about it. Based on the information I have gathered online via a hiking group in Facebook, coupled with Wikiloc drop pin location and a couple of photos, we decided to give it a try.

Luckily the weather is still cool enough early morning for us to do some hiking. We depart home at 7am that morning so that we could start our hike latest by 9am. The hiking trail is really inside Oman and with that, it means that no network coverage unless you are using roaming.

The coordinate which is accessible via sedan car: 25.299566506010237, 56.29734177890819 and then, if you would like go to the start of the trail (little bit off-road required, AWD preferred) is at this coordinate: 25.30453317862541, 56.287650339368284

The place is about 2 hours away from Dubai and to our surprise, it is actually just a right turn from a highway we always use when we are headed to Khorfakkan, meaning we have passed by this turn to Oman umpteen times, not knowing we can actually go “overseas” so easily.

The parking spot at the start of the trail are actually quite limited as it is quite narrow, and that works to our advantage meaning there is not much hikers around the area. We met a couple of locals and hopefully it stays this way and hikers will keep the place clean and untouched unlike Wadi Abadilah which has become quite a dumping spot.

I would rate the trail easy except a few areas which you may need a push as it is climbing the rocks on the rocks next to a water source which can be quite slippery at times. Other than that, most of the trails are flat. I would say 40% of the trail is shaded from the morning sun which can be quite brutal in the summer months.

Highlight of the trail would be an abandoned car which we still can’t figure out how it ended there, some mini ponds which is good for a dip (ankle deep), and some trees, flowers and frogs. We also spotted a snake sleeping in a mini cave so be careful and not disturb them.

Overall, it was a good hike and probably we can re-visit them again when winter hits end of the year!

Some tips before flying to Egypt

  1. Visa requirement- many countries have on arrival visa USD 25 , prepare cash
  2. Uber is the most reliable taxi service. At the airport, Uber pick up point is at parking area B5 or C2.
  3. – for Uber the most easy meeting point is near hotel. For example, if you want to take a Uber, find a nearby hotel and wait for your Uber there.
  4. Clothing must be appropriate and respect the culture
  5. The currency used is Egyptian Pound, USD is widely accepted as well. Egyptian pound rate is better in Cairo airport than in Dubai.
  6. Travel adapter for Egypt : For Egypt there are two associated plug types C and F. Plug type C is the plug which has two round pins and plug type F is the plug which has two round pins with two earth clips on the side. Egypt operates on a 220V supply voltage and 50Hz.
  7. Negative PCR Covid test is required – done within 72 hours of arrival for all except kids below 6 years old
  8. To book for Luxor, Aswan Nile river tour, do check the availability and timing, Cruises does not run daily. You would need to take a flight or train to Aswan or Luxor for the cruise. Do note that some cruises does not includes admission fees and they can add up to be quite a bit so do your research before booking. Most does not includes wifi so it would be a good idea getting data package at the airport. Complimentary mineral water is provided in the room and tea/coffee provided over breakfast and afternoon tea. Any other drinks (soft drinks, juices and alcohol) will be at additional cost.

TIPS: If you are staying in UAE like we do, do note that many car insurance policy includes a complimentary airport pick up or drop off. Make a reservation at least 24 hours in advance and you can get a free transfer to airport. Those staying in UAE knows how expensive taxi fare is in UAE and this is definitely a steal.

Pros of travelling during COVID

  • Less tourist, less waiting time
  • Easier to book for tour, cruises due to low load and prices are competitive

Cons of travelling during COVID

  • Have to wear mask most of the time, can be uncomfortable
  • Need to factor in results of PCR test, and need to arrange for PCR test to be done prior to flying
  • Need to consider backup plan if tested positive and hence the need to extend the stay
Travelling in mask

Adventure in Egypt –Day 10–

Today is our final day in Egypt. Our flight is at 12pm and we need to leave the hotel by 9am to get to the airport by 10am as the Marriott Mena is considerable further to the airport from downtown.

We don’t usually opt for breakfast during our hotel stay but we would not want to miss the chance of a lifetime dining with the pyramids so we decided to go for their buffet breakfast. To be honest, the view is amazing but the breakfast are not so. We prefer the food on our cruise to be honest, it was much more superior. Marriott Mena definitely need to do some adjustment to their buffet breakfast. The selection is great but taste wise is not good.

After breakfast, we bid goodbye to pyramid and checked out after a good shower. We booked a limousine service with the airport transfer at EGP450 as there are less Uber around the area and we would not want to miss our flight.

We reach the airport and after security check, we manage to check in on time. The queue for the flight is definitely longer so we were worried that the flight was full. The cabin that we were given were pretty full but I realise the back cabin is quite empty. Emirates should have done a better job in seats arrangement, after all Covid is not all over yet.

Nevertheless we enjoyed the flight and the in flight dining was so good. We gobbled down the whole chicken beriyani ( I don’t usually do that!) and even ate the bread etc.

Upon arriving in Dubai, all passenger except kids below 11 need to do a compulsory Covid Test complimentary of the UAE. The swabbing area was effective and we are in and out in no time. After clearing custom, we got into the car we prebook with our insurance company. We get a complimentary airport transfer per year and since we have not been out of the country yet, it is our first time using it!

Home sweet home!

Adventure in Egypt –Day 9–

It is our last full day in Egypt and we have ticked all the boxes so we decided to checked in to Marriott Mena House which is located just next to The Giza Pyramid.

Very nice breakfast!

That morning we decided to finally have the very yummy burger and fried chicken cutlet bun for breakfast. It is within walking distance from our hotel. It is so huge and cost EGP 35 and EGP 37 respectively. Of course we did not forget to buy our favourite EGP 10 freshly squeezed orange juice.

After breakfast, we head back to hotel and checked out. Took the Uber to Marriott. We paid USD 202 for one night stay and breakfast for 2 adults and 2 kids. It was pricey in Egypt standard but we wanted it for an experience. To be honest, this hotel location is only good if you are visiting the pyramids, it is far from the city centre and with the traffic in Egypt, it is not advisable to stay here if you plan to do a lot of visiting downtown as you will be spending a lot of time on road in the traffic. We only choose to stay one night here and spend the whole day enjoying the facilities this hotel has to offer.

Swimming pool at Marriott

After checking in, we got to our room which face the swimming pool. We then spend the whole afternoon by the pool, dipping in water and having our lunch by the pool. The price of food is more expensive than other hotel and restaurants but still reasonable compared to Dubai standard. However, the food is not that tasty, I have to say our burger in the morning made from the little shops are much tastier than that of Marriott at a fraction of the price. Of course we also had a Sakara Gold in this nice weather.

The pool water is warm and the weather is just nice for a dip in the pool. It is not too hot nor too cold to our liking. I even fall asleep for a bit after lunch when the kids decided to continue playing with water.

Chilling by the pool.
Kids enjoying chilling by the pool today and not out exploring the city.

After the swim, we went back to room. Steven took a nap while kids and me went photo shooting around the premises especially the part where we can see the pyramids. There was a garden and a restaurant that is facing the pyramids and we see a couple of our tourists taking photos there as well.

For dinner, we were pretty full and we needed to finish our instant noodle so we walked to On the Run at the petrol station to get their super good Nutella tarts and some small bites. Jaclyn didn’t want to have the instant noodles so she got herself a cheese and tomatoes sandwich. We had dinner by our balcony enjoying music from a wedding by the pool.

Wedding by the pool. Have a good married life 🙂

10 Days Egypt Itinerary

Day 1 (30 March 2021)

Flight EK 0927 departing DXB at 8.15am, arriving Cairo at 10.05am.

Pick up service by Cairo Airport Travel, price EGP 330.

Check in Intercontinental Hotels Cairo Semiramis @ AED 250 per night by the Nile River

Lunch at Coffee Plus below Cairo Tower.

On Cairo Tower

It is free to enter the area to eat and take picture. Tickets only required if you plan to go up to the viewing deck. EGP 200 for non-Egyptian, same price for kids above 6 years old. Below 6 enter for free. Water is not allowed inside.

Dinner at Casa Mia, Sofitel.

Day 2 (31 March 2021)

Headed to Coptic Museum. Entrance is EGP 100 for adults and EGP 50 for students.

Drawings exhibited in Coptic Museum

Lots of artefacts from Christian community in Egypt on display. Pretty nice museum to walk round.

Dinner at SeaGull Restaurants, Egyptian Seafood Grill (restaurant on boat by Nile)

Day 3 (1 April 2021)

Day trip to Museum, Sphinx and Giza booked via Viator USD 40 adult, USD 20

Picked up at 8am and back by 4pm as we are tired and did not wanted to go to the bazaar.

It is a very worth trip as it includes the general entrance to the pyramid and museum, the entrance ticket itself already cost USD 24 for each adult. The tour even includes transport pick up from hotel, traditional Egyptian lunch and a guide. As there are less tourist at the moment, we have a private guide all for ourselves.

Dinner at Sushiramis in the hotel.

Day 4 (2 April 2021)

1pm flight from Cairo to Aswan by EgyptAir.

Picked up by our dedicated tour guide at the airport. Visited High Dam and Philea Temple (via motorboat) before seamless transfer onto Sonesta St George cruise.

Onboard Sonesta St George for the next 3 nights. Paid USD 1850 for full board, accommodation (two interconnected rooms, in room jacuzzi), admission tickets, airport transfer and land transfer plus personal tour guide for 4 of us.

Day 5 (3 April 2021)

Today will be cruising the Nile, enjoying the scenery and two land tour visiting Kom Ombo and Edfu Temple (via horse carriage).

Highlight is the lunch and afternoon tea on their sundeck. Kids did a jacuzzi session too while cruising.

Egyptian dinner followed by some entertainment in the lounge.

Day 6 (4 April 2021)

Today is our last day of cruising and also final night on cruise.

Reach Luxor in the morning and started our half day tour of Valley of the Kings (EGP 240), Hatshepsut Temple (EGP 140) and Valley of the Queens (EGP 100).

Then back to cruise for lunch. Free and easy for the next half day.

Belly dancing at night on cruise.

Day 7 (5 April 2021)

After breakfast, we checked out of the cruise.

Visited Karnak and Luxor Temple.

McDonald takeaway lunch

On flight back to Cairo.

Checked in to Intercontinental Semiramis again.

Dinner at Crave at Zamalek.

Did PCR test at night (within 72 hours of our flight back to Dubai)

Day 8 (6 April 2021)

Head to Khan el-Khalili after breakfast.

Then go to Festival City Mall for lunch, movie and dinner with friend at Crave.

Day 9 (7 April 2021)

Checked out of Intercontinental Semiramis and checked in to Marriott Mena House overlooking the pyramid. Spend the afternoon by the pool and bought dinner from On The Run petrol station.

Day 10 (8 April 2021)

Breakfast in the hotel with pyramid on background

Flight back to Dubai on EK 0928 at 12.05pm.

Upon arrival, complimentary PCR test at Dubai airport.

Adventure in Egypt –Day 8–

After a good night sleep back in Intercontinental Semiramis Cairo (their beds are amazing, you have to trust me on this). And at AED 330 per night stay, I have to stay it is very worth it especially the very central location in the downtown. One can actually walk to Cairo Tower and the Egyptian Museum while staying here.

Khan el-Khalili

We were too lazy to go out for breakfast although I do miss the street food that we ate couple of days back, so we decided to munch some biscuits before heading to Khan el-Khalili, a local souk and bazaar tucked away in the narrow streets in the centre of Cairo. There are many mosque around the area and the bazaar is very pretty looking amidst the old architecture.

Although we did not spend much time here, but we could see that besides tourists, the local does shop here a lot especially when Ramadan is just around the corner, many locals spawned the area looking for bargain. Indeed, there are lots of bargain to be bagged here. Even when this place is popular among tourists, I find that the items sold are of reasonable price. Since we did not stay here for long, I would not be able to account for all the stalls but we did chance upon a few shops selling very reasonable priced items (with the price clearly stated on the clothing). So, we actually had a pleasant shopping experience. However, due to Covid and the lack of safety distancing in the area, plus there are not much people wearing mask so we decided to leave the place after a quick look.

As I mention earlier, Uber is easier to use when requested from a hotel or prominent location (airport, mall) but since we could not see any hotel nearby, we just try our luck calling for Uber. Luckily we still manage to get one and headed to Festival City Mall in New Cairo.

Festival City Mall is a mall by Majid Al Futtaim and it is the main developer for malls all around UAE so we are very familiar with the layout. We felt particularly at home seeing Ikea, Bounce, Magic Planet and even familiar looking foodcourt in the mall.

Our lunch from Manchow Wok

After having an Auntie Anne’s pretzel that did not taste as good as back home in Malaysia, we had our lunch at a Manchow Wok, a Chinese stall in the foodcourt followed by a 3D movie of Kong vs Godzilla. The 3D movie price here is very reasonable at AED 25 and it comes with a 3D glasses to takeaway! It was a nice afternoon spend and we felt like local in Cairo and less of a tourist.

After the movie, we went to carrefour to get some snacks and drinks before meeting Steven’s colleague (Ebram) for dinner at Crave. Yes, we are back to Crave again! It is located near the fountain area and we got a good spot enjoying the dancing fountain while having a nice and cosy dinner. The lotus kunafa is too sinful, very nice!

Lotus kunafa @ Crave
Lovely dinner!

We went back to hotel to pack up as we are leaving to Marriott Mena House for our last night in Cairo. It is just next to the pyramids and the hotel have lots of area with a good view of the spectacular ancient monument.